2018 Grasshopper 60 in. AERA-vator

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60 in. AERA-vator™

The PTO-driven AERA-vator™ is a coreless lawn aerator for Grasshopper FrontMount™ mowers. The front-mounted aerator and zero-turn maneuverability helps aerate lawns, turf, and compacted soil in hard-to-reach areas previously accessible with walk-behind aerators only.

The AERA-vator's out-front attachment configuration reduces fatigue compared to using walk-behind aerators, and by eliminating unsightly cores left behind by plug and core aerators, the AERA-vator completes aerating jobs easier and faster - reducing time and labor up to 75 percent.

Oscillating and vibrating steel tines deep-fracture hard, dry soils, improving permeability, drainage, water infiltration and nutrient absorption in the root zone by four times that of other turf and soil aerators, which helps create more resilient turf on playing fields, high-traffic areas and commercial and residential lawns.